Portraits Go Pop!

G/F, 2 Ice House Street

January 18 - March 8, 2024


Lévy Gorvy Dayan & Wei is delighted to present Portraits Go Pop!, an exploration of the resonance between contemporary portraiture and Pop art. The exhibition is on view through Friday, March 8, 2024, in Hong Kong.

Pop art has long been associated with consumer objects that represent the modern human experience—from Jasper Johns’s Beer Cans and Flags to Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans, Brillo Boxes, and Coke Bottles—Claes Oldenburg’s soft sculptures to Wayne Thiebaud’s confections. Portraiture also figured prominently as a means through which Pop artists could examine questions surrounding identity, society, and mass-produced imagery. The lasting impact of Pop portraits in visual culture is demonstrated through stylized works by Roy Lichtenstein, Warhol, and Mel Ramos, among others. Portraits Go Pop! brings together contemporary representations of the human image that carry the influence of their Pop forebears. Portraits by artists including George Condo, Alex Katz, Yoshitomo Nara, Liu Ye, and KAWS, harken back to the groundbreaking works that shaped the 1960s and beyond. Imbued with the Pop art ethos, the paintings on view depict their sitters as avatars and constructs, allowing both artist and viewer to consider what is real and what is artificial.

Selected Artworks

Selected Press