Robert Pruitt (Born–2023)

“That sense of the unnatural, the super, the extra-human possibility—I want that to be part of my practice as a way to describe what we could be.”

Robert Pruitt


    • Ad Infinitum
    • Salon 94 New York
      December 10, 2020 - January 9, 2021
    • “All art is political.” That’s a saying from my bandmate in ONO, frontperson and visual artist travis—a seventy-four-year-old queer, Black veteran from Mississippi. “Otherwise, it’s just a pretty thing,” he explains. For Black artists like travis, and our bandleader P Michael Grego, being political isn’t an option. Being alive and Black in the United States is political in itself, and being joyous and Black in the United States is revolutionary.

      Robert Pruitt’s work is alive, joyous, and often speculative, pulling from Black American life, history, science fiction, musi...

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